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Double ended shear beam load cell Single Ended Beam
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S Beam LoadCell  

Model SEN101E Load Cell, 2t...15t

Model Information  |  Dimension  |  Photograph
Model Information :
S beam load cell, beam load cell, load cell manufacturer india

Special Features:
o Complies with OIML R60 regulations up to 3 000d for scales class III
o Suitable for use under conditions of tension and compression
o Protection to IP 66
o Compatible with other sources
o Explosion proof version (Ex ib II CT4)
o Available Options:
- Service temperature range up 120℃ [248oF]
- 6-wire circuit
o Max. Capacities:2t…5t

Technical Data :
Type SEN101E

Accuracy class according to OIML R60
Maximal numbers of load cell verification intervals  (nLC)


Maximal capacity (Emax)
kg 1;2;3;5;10;20;30
Weight (G), approx.
kg 0.8
Minimum load cell verification interval (Vmin)
% of Cn 0.03
Sensitivity (Cn) mV/V 2±10%
Zero balance mV/V 0±2%
Temperature effect on sensitivity (TKc) *
% of Cn/k < ±0.0012
Temperature effect on zero balance
% of Cn/k <±0.0040
Non-linearity (dlin)  * % < ±0.017
Repeatability (drep) * % < ±0.017
Hysteresis error (dhy)  * % < ±0.017
Creep (dDR)in 30 min. % < ±0.023
Input resistance (RLC)〔Red(+)-white(-)〕 Ω 400 ±25
Output resistance (Ro) 〔blue(+)-green(-)〕 Ω 350±3
Reference excitation voltage (Uref) V(DC/AC) 0.5…12
Maximal excitation voltage V(DC/AC) 18
Insulation resistance (Ris) >2[50 VDC ]
Nominal temperature range [oF] -10…+40[15…+105]
Service temperature range [oF] -30…+70[-20…+160]
Storage temperature range [oF] -50…+85[-60…+185]
Safe load limit (EL) % of Cn 150
Breaking load (Ed) % of Cn 300

Protection class (IP) acc. to IEC529



  Steel alloy


  Explosion proof version(Ex ib II CT4)
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