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Single point platform load cell Digital Load Cell NEW
Single point platform load cell Single Point Platform
Load Cell
Single point table top load cell Single Point Table Top
Load Cell
Single point miniature load cell Single Point Miniature
Load Cell
S beam load cell S Beam
Load Cell
Double ended shear beam load cell Double Ended Shear
Beam Load Cell
Double ended shear beam load cell Single Ended Beam
Load Cell
Double ended shear beam load cell Compression Load Cell


S Beam Load Cell Other Model :
Model SEN101E
S Beam Load Cell - Model S - Type
Model Information  |  Dimension  |  Photograph
Model Information :
S beam load cell, beam load cell, load cell manufacturer india

S Beam load cell FEATURES:
o 20 Kgf. to 2000Kgf. capacities available
o High alloy tool steel construction for resistance against shock and overload
o Complete Environmental Protaction –IP67 class
o Standardised output (3.0, 0.25%) available on request.

S Beam load cell APPLICATIONS:
o Conversion of Mechanical scale to Electronic
o Tank,Hopper & Bag Weighing
o Hanging Scale & Crane Scale
o Force Measurement-Tension & or Compression
o Dynamometer
o Industrial Automation

S Beam load cell DESCRIPTION:
Ultra Precision strain guage based ‘S’ beam Load Cell is Versatile,compect and Rugged. It is used for tension measurement.tensile,weighing,industrial automatiuon, and research application.It is universal Load Cell Suitable for bothtension and compression modes.

Standard capacity(Kgf.) 20,30,50,75,100,150,200,250,300,500,750
                              (Tf.) 1,1.5,2,2.5,3.5,7,5,10,15,20
Excitation Voltage 10VDC- Maximum 15VDC
Nominal Output 3.0 mV/V
Non Linearity <± 0.025%FSO(Full Scale Output)
Hysteresis <± 0.02%FSO
Non Repeatability 0.01%FSO
Creep(30 Minutes) <± 0.03%Fso
Zero Balance ± 1.0%FSO
Input Resistance 392 ± 15 Ohms
Output Resistance 350 ± 5 Ohms
Insulation Resistance >1000Mega Ohms at 50 VDC
Safe Overload 150%of Rated Capacity
Ultimate Overload 250%of Rated Capacity
Allowable Side Load 50 % of Rated Capacity
Temperature 0-60°c
Compensated Range  
Temperature Effect on Output <0.0015%FSO/°C
Temperature Effect on Zero <0.0020%FSO/°C
Deflection <0.5mm at FSO
Finish & Construction Electroless Nickel plated tool steel
Environment Protection Class IP65
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