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Single point platform load cell Digital Load Cell NEW
Single point platform load cell Single Point Platform
Load Cell
Single point table top load cell Single Point Table Top
Load Cell
Single point miniature load cell Single Point Miniature
Load Cell
S beam load cell S Beam
Load Cell
Double ended shear beam load cell Double Ended Shear
Beam Load Cell
Double ended shear beam load cell Single Ended Beam
Load Cell
Double ended shear beam load cell Compression Load Cell

Digital Load Cell Model :
Model SQS-D 10~30t Model SZSE-D 5~100t
Model SQS-D 40~50t Model SSB-D 1~3t
Model ZS-D 5~50t Model SSB-D 5~20t
Model ZSC-D 20~100t Model NHS-D 33~100t
SZSE-D Digital Load Cell
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Model Information :

o High precision, high reliability, super stability.
o The construction with bi-ball-head Column has advantage in automatic centre- adjustment; Fast response in motion, super capacity for anti-over-load.
o Easy installation, quite good exchangeability.

Rated Load : 5, 10, 20/50, 100t
Rated Output : 20000/50000+0.02%
Digital Refurbishing Frequency : 50
Digital Transmitting Frequency : 9600BPS
Combined Error : +0. 02%F. S
Creep(30min) : +0. 02%F. S
Temperature Effect : +0. 02%F. S/10 C
Operating temp Range : -40~+80 C
Zero Balance : +0.1%F. S
Safe Overload : 150%F. S
Environmental Protection : IP68
Recommended Excitation : 11~12v DC
Maximum Excitation : 15V DC
Maximum Transmitting Distance : 1200m
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