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Single point platform load cell Digital Load Cell NEW
Single point platform load cell Single Point Platform
Load Cell
Single point table top load cell Single Point Table Top
Load Cell
Single point miniature load cell Single Point Miniature
Load Cell
S beam load cell S Beam
Load Cell
Double ended shear beam load cell Double Ended Shear
Beam Load Cell
Double ended shear beam load cell Single Ended Beam
Load Cell
Double ended shear beam load cell Compression Load Cell

Digital Load Cell Model :
Model SQS-D 10~30t Model SZSE-D 5~100t
Model SQS-D 40~50t Model SSB-D 1~3t
Model ZS-D 5~50t Model SSB-D 5~20t
Model ZSC-D 20~100t Model NHS-D 33~100t
Digital Load Cell

Digital load cell is a late-model electric weighing technology combined with modern microelectronics Tech&microcompuer Tech, based on the strain gauge load cells.

It is composed of analog load cell and A/D switch module; A/D module is made up of high compositive IC circuit with SMT surface- Stick techology, mainly including amplifier, A/D switch module, CPU, memorizer, interface-circuit and digital- temperature load cell etc.

One of largest alloy steel load cell manufacturer in India
o ISO9001 approval
o Provincial R&D Center of the load cell
o First to Introduce Digital Load Cell in India
o Automatic fault priding & error advisement
o State of art Micro product Systemin Load Cell Ipelf for Digital O/p.
o Communication with load Cell
o Automatic Corner adjuster
o Lighting Protection
o Automatic Calibration
o Direct PC Communication Possible
o Digital error compensation technology and high compositive  electric-components are applicated in the capability parameters of load cells. Managing software is used for the integrated compensation of linearity, Zero, TC SPAN, and Creep etc. Eliminating the influence of the man-made factor to the compensation, greatly improve the precision and reliability.
o Output consistency error of the load cell is between 0.02%.Keep the same capability parameter for the batch production, excellent interchangeability. Application of the A/D switch module, digital signal transmission and digital wave filtering technology, improving the signal transmission distance up to 1200m, enhancing the capability of anti-interference, good stability.
o Automatic data collection, pre-disposal and memory, having sole mark, easy malfunction diagnose.

o Adopting standard digital communication interface, connecting with PC directly or industrial controlling wire, easy installation.

High Precision, high reliability
o Good consistency, easy interchanging
o High stability, excellent capability in anti- inference
o Self- identifying, convenient for malfunction diagnosing
o Easy installation

Analog Load Cell
o Manual compensation methods for the main capability parameters, Causing random city error.
o Output consistency error of the Load cell is between 0.1%
o Short transmission distance of the load cell signal, not good capability Of anti- interference

Digital Weighing Indicator
o Adopt RS485 interface to carry out communication with digital load cell. The maximum (transmission distance) is up to 1200 meters.
o Adjustment for eccentric load manually or automatically, through the digital indicator (4-corner adjustment)
o Trace single load cell and read out data automatically.
Estimating the load balanceable when installation
o Change the load cell serial No. in the spot. that is, diagnose the malfunction automatically
o Save 256 pcs records, 256 sets car No. and item No., Data-protection> 50000h when power off
o Display date, time, leap year, leap month. Consecutive clock.
o Run with at most 16 pcs load cells at the same time
o Serial communication interface with circuit ring and RS232 port.
o Connecting the scoreboard and PC at the same time.

Digital Managing Software
The Software is used easily and multi- functional in calibration,4- corner adjustment, data- protection, data- inquiry, statistics, malfunction- checkout, etc.. The whole weighing system is safe and reliable without any indication.

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