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Single point platform load cell Digital Load Cell NEW
Single point platform load cell Single Point Platform
Load Cell
Single point table top load cell Single Point Table Top
Load Cell
Single point miniature load cell Single Point Miniature
Load Cell
S beam load cell S Beam
Load Cell
Double ended shear beam load cell Double Ended Shear
Beam Load Cell
Double ended shear beam load cell Single Ended Beam
Load Cell
Double ended shear beam load cell Compression Load Cell
High precision load cells

Sunshine Sensors, Load Cell manufacturer, India.

Sunshine Sensors is a professional hi-tech enterprise fully devoted to manufacturing high precision load cells. On the basis of strong R & D ability and advanced equipment producing, inspecting and testing, we are able to produce wide rang of load cell.

Sunshine Sensors is a sister concern of Sunshine group of industries, a multi location, multi product group with ISO 9001:2000 quality status having Electronic Weighing scale brand name IOTA acquiring one of largest company in India. The group is also having interest in Stainless Steel roll, Stainless steel sheets & rolling mills.

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